Chris Patrick


Chris has worked across a variety of sectors with a strong body of his experience coming in Residential development, delivering schemes across the UK and overseas for over 20 years.

Understanding client drivers and owning aspirations for delivery, Chris has a clear understanding of project viability and is able to condense this technical understanding into simple and transparent advice.

Chris has provided QS, PM, EA and PD services to a range of clients from small to international, providing them with the same level of care. Chris has also worked directly for a number of developers, providing understanding and insight into achieving their wider goals.

Chris brings with him a wealth of experience and a compelling enthusiasm to his work, projects and colleagues. He strives to harness the best from the individuals and teams around him. He has a hands-on approach to ensuring matters are determined early and appropriately in the course of the project; providing the opportunity for clients to make clear and informed decisions. Chris endeavors to working diligently to deliver the client’s business plans and goals.

Chris has the knowledge, experience and track record to drive value and mitigate risk early.